Coca-cola Headquarters

Architect: MSGSSS / Flora Manteola, Javier Sánchez Gómez, Joaquín Sánchez Gómez, Fina Santos, Justo Solsona, Diego Solsona, Carlos Sallaberry, Damián Vinsón, arquitectos.

Category: Business centres

Installation date: 2018

The new Coca Cola headquarters in Argentina is not only a new working space, it also symbolizes a cultural transformation.

Open offices, sustainable technologies, automation solutions, recreational areas, gym… The Buenos Aires office is the perfect example of the new corporate culture, which brings the real thing, the spirit of the brand, to the working spaces of 21st century society. In its particular dialogue with the buildings in the Saavedra neighborhood, the modern project by MSGSSS Arquitectos selected the original shapes of Hall for the WCs and urinals in its bathroom spaces. As for faucets, the basin solutions of the L20 collection feature the Cold Start technology, while the showers in the gym were equipped with Instant timers, proof of the commitment to energy efficiency. Finally, the accessories and grab rails of the Access collection completed the ensemble providing maximum safety in the bathroom to people with reduced mobility. In a building that is a standard for sustainability, Roca’s technologies for saving water and energy provided efficient solutions for the bathroom and shower spaces that, thanks to our commitment to design, are also extremely functional and modern.

Collections included in the project